Nectrac – GPS Tracker

With Nectrac, Nectar’s Live Vehicle Tracking system tool, and Vehicle Tracking System Software you can track everything from cargo vans to buses, pickup trucks to heavy equipment, and more. Get the most user-friendly interface, collect commercial to private vehicle details, monitor direction, speed, and acquire intel on position, and manage vehicle databases efficiently with our Fleet Management Software Solutions and GPS Tracker Software Solutions.

App Modules


  • User Management
  • Vehicle on map searching
  • Trip Scheduling
  • Vehicles in nearby location
  • SOS

Driver Manager

  • User Management
  • Fuel Management – Fuel History, station, Consumption
  • Trip Management
  • Vehicle Fuel Capacity Management

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Tracking in Real-Time

Track objects in real-time (vehicles, people, bikes, etc.) with additional information such as speed, time, and location. The user’s security and safety are enhanced by monitoring the driver’s location and tracking the vehicle/Fleet.

Notification Alerts

Create custom rules for notification alerts and get updated via email, mobile app, or SMS on your iPhone, Android, or Windows device. Get SOS alarms if the device leaves the designated perimeter.


NecTrac triggers events whenever a device enters or exits a geo-fence. The three supported forms of geometry are Polygon, Circle, and Polyline.

Reports Generation

NecTrac enables Generate and analysis of reports with information such as GPS tracker name, including driving hours, stopovers, distance traveled in different formats: XLS, PDF, CSV, TXT.